Stilosa 3 Lamp

Stilosa 3

The new Stilosa 3, designed in Italy, has an optimized height so as not to annoy diners and an improved shade to provide more light in less space. It has a larger, borderless backlit surface. In addition, with Stilosa 3, battery replacement can be done independently. This lamp has an easy-to-connect reversible USB-C connector.

Stilosa 3 is all-new

A revamped look and new technical features for the new Stilosa 3, which is available in several table-top and floor-standing variants.

Stilosa Collection - Round Base

Stilosa Mood and Stilosa Floor are up for pre-order

Special versions of Madrigal's Stilosa 3 lamp: the Stilosa Floor (floor lamp) and the Stilosa Mood, a small, magical lamp with a transparent base.

Stilosa Collection - Base Mood

Stilosa Floor - The Rechargeable Floor Lamp